What is the

Ekoalaty Project?

The Ekoalaty Project is a simple project: create 7,777 Ekoalaty Koala NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain with some of the greatest and most unique artwork that took almost a year in the making to design. 

Our Mission  is simple: to vehemently support equality in both Web 3.0 and IRL. 

We are a straightforward project with a singular mission that is achievable in the short run rather than over a pain-staking period of time like many other projects!

Web3.0 technologies open great opportunities for creating value and improving various global social deficits that are so desperate for improvement. Examples of such include equity with regard to access to clean water, occupation, food security, and more.

We aim to not only provide our community with great worth, but to as well improve these social issues on a consistent and continuous basis.








Koala Koffee
& Eucalyptus (EUCL)

1. Token disbursements of our native-currency “Eucalyptus” (EUCL)  Ekoalaty Project NFT holders will automatically gain exclusive membership into the Koala Koffee Club; thus accessing perks such as redeemable gifts including but not limited to free coffee, Ekoalaty Project and Koala Koffee Club apparel, and more!


All members of the Koala Koffee Club will be granted a LIFETIME discount on all Koala Koffee products. That means getting forever discounts on a beverage that so many of you purchase consistently and enjoy daily!


2. Exclusive Access to:

Owning an Ekoalaty Project NFT will allow for its holder to have access to various communal events across the globe, will give the holder the ability to influence various Ekoalaty Project themed events, and more.  We have some creative ideas for increasing the long term fun and value of these Koala NFTs. 

Join the Ekoalaty Revolution and be part of a global force that supports equity through fun and funky NFT art. 




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Ekoalaty Specifications & Rarity

Every Koala Is Unique


Meet The Founders

Meet The founders

Product manager & CMO

CEO & Co-founder of the Dive – Live Dating App. 5 + years of experience starting, scaling, and growing companies pertaining to real estate, tech, the hemp industry, and the dating industry. Additionally, he is the founder of Division42. Chris competed in Season 3 of the reality television show “The Blox”- hosted by Wes Bergmann (MTV Reality TV Star from The Challenge & founder of the accelerator: Beta Blox) against nineteen other contestants (representing various companies) to attain the rank as the number 1 best entrepreneur.


Project manager & Art/Design Director

Project Manager & Art/Design Director
Military veteran & COO & Co-founder of the Dive – Live Dating App. Milan is a Web 3.0 Enthusiast. He was an early-stage investor in the crypto space, and most recently the NFT market, with a special knowledge of growth hacking & business development.


Tokenomics Expert & Head of Communications

Tokenomics Expert & Head of Communications
Founder of the Black Crown Capital Fund. Harrison is a crypto influencer and an early investor in Ethereum. He has 5+ years of experience in trading crypto, indices, and forex markets. With his extensive knowledge of networking, managing wealth, and orchestrating events, Harrison successfully manages his own capital fund.


Experienced organizational builder – concept to revenue – in bootstrapped, early stage invested and corporate environments. 20 year veteran with execution and management experience across strategic, marketing, content and leadership functions. Obsessed with problem-solving, market strategy, UX, and the digital future. Driven to create knowledge and capital accessibility to the underserved.

Blockchain Expert & marketing strategist

Blockchain Expert & Marketing Strategist
Entrepreneur and real estate investor. Ross is a tech founder and software developer with specialized knowledge in developing decentralized-based applications. He has also had a significant role in developing marketing strategies for a multitude of companies in the tech space. He is particularly skilled in blockchain technologies and application development.


Activist, entrepreneur & founder of The #UNLITTER

Ulitter is a campaign and consulting company that guides businesses and events towards reducing their environmental impact and incorporating equality into the workspace. She currently sits on the board of and manages operations at The Flowery, a Florida medical cannabis company. 



Asked questions

Ekoalaty Project Koalas

Dive is the safest & most efficient way to meet in-person at an IRL event, or online at one of our metaverse dating events. Dive is for all the dating app users out there that are sick and tired of the traditional swipe, chat, and ghost-prone dating app model. Dive is where singles come that are ready to date and meet someone new in-person or in our Ekoalaty Project x Dive metaverse.

Individuals can use MetaMask or any other wallet supported by WalletConnect.

Whitelisted individuals can purchase up to 3 NFTs. In the public sale, individuals can purchase up to 10.

Ekoalaty Project NFT holders will obtain token disbursements derived from our crypto mining farm, hosted events (see above), staking (the first pillar in our roadmap to complete), and merchandise sales. Ekoalaty for all means equality amongst not only the holders, but our community. We will constantly be looking for more creative, fun, and effective ways of adding consistent and tangible value to our holders.

The Ekoalaty Project will host a multitude of in real life (IRL) and metaverse-based events including, but not limited to: -Dating-based events -Club rent outs -LGBTQ events -Concerts -Networking Events We will instill polling for our community to vote for certain types of events they would like to see us host.

The Ekoalaty Project is not only a philanthropic project, determined to support equality in the modern world, but is as well adamant on providing actual value to its holders. Many projects make promises of distant objectives they haven’t started to develop, we have already begun the initial processes to create several of our utilities. We are truly improving our holders’ quality of life through our utilities.

First and foremost, the face and primary representation of our project, the art, is created with particular traits that detail the wide variety of human expression and creativity. Additionally, we have implemented specific details that pay homage to equality in a multitude of its manifestations. Additionally, we are planning to donate 6 percent of our profits to Season 1 “Purpose” non-profit.

Our community in itself will function as a comfortable place for individuals to not only form relationships, but to help each other with many of the challenges of modern life. We will encourage discourse and will host discussions that will help people overcome adversity in its many manifestations. We will seek to benefit the community throughout every decision we make.